Ron Norsworthy

Edwynn Houk Gallery is pleased to announce our representation of Ron Norsworthy. Norsworthy’s most recent body of work, The Folks Who Live on the Hill, will premiere at our booth at The Armory Show from September 8-10. In fall 2024, we will present a solo exhibition of the artist’s work at our gallery.

The Folks Who Live on the Hill includes large-scale, sculptural artworks that are made of photographs, found and made by Norsworthy, layered onto plywood in relief. In these dreamed worlds, Norsworthy repositions images, tropes and narratives from throughout art history and popular culture to tell stories that center Black prosperity, joy, and belonging. The sources and figures that Norsworthy’s works put into direct conversation are only seemingly disparate — confronted with the coexistence/simultaneity of Grant Wood’s 1930s landscapes, Fanny and Ralph Waldo Ellison’s attempt at homeownership in 1960s Connecticut, and bespoke suits from 1970s James Bond films (to name a few details present in The Folks Who Live on the Hill), viewers are invited to explore the politics of seeing in ways that defy mainstream assumptions and paradigms.

Norsworthy was born in South Bend, Indiana and currently lives and works in Connecticut and New Jersey, respectively. Work from a preceding project, included in the Newark Museum of Art’s permanent collection, is on view in the museum’s long-term installation “Seeing America.

Please contact Veronica Houk with inquiries.
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