Civilization: The Way We Live Now at the National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Korea

Valérie Belin's "Models II" in Touring Exhibition

Civilization: The Way We Live Now is a large-scale international photography exhibition featuring the work of more than 135 photographers from Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and the Americas. Some 350 original prints are exhibited, some displayed as stand-alone works, others displayed as series.


Today, few major photography exhibitions in the world attempt a view of our world as wide-ranging as Civilization: The Way We Live Now, on view from October 18, 2018 through Feb 17, 2019. Not since Edward Steichen’s The Family of Man more than 60 years ago has a single exhibition tackled such a broad spectrum of human activity: habitation, transport, society, culture, art, science and technology; order and disorder.... these are only some of the vital themes dealt with in different and original ways in Civilization.

18 October 2018