Interview | Midlife


In Midlife, a deeply personal project spanning a 7-year time scale published by Monacelli Press, Carucci presents her journey through motherhood, marriage, illness, love and ageing. Tracking the day-to-day dynamics of family life and the highs and lows of relationships, the book mixes candid snapshots with surreal and staged scenes. Interspersed with abstract paintings created in blood, Carucci creates a visceral, emotionally charged and startlingly honest document of her experience as a woman living through everyday change.


In this interview for LensCulture, she shares the inspiration behind this project, including the importance of confrontation and the desire for connection. Discussing photography as a conduit for intimacy and the question of authenticity, she reflects on the notion of family photography, her relationship to her practice and why the photobook is the ultimate form for her work.

11 October 2019