“My Creativity Kept Me Going”: Six Photographers Share Images From Their COVID Year

Elinor Carucci in Vanity Fair

Photographers around the country continued to make art as the world around them devolved into chaos. The pictures they made are poignant, harrowing, and eerily beautiful.


"This past year is so complex, filled with contrasts, and each day feels different. This experience is defined both by the empty city, the isolation, fears and anxiety, but at the same time by the intensified closeness we feel as a family, the deep love, commitment, and responsibility, the hours spent together, getting to know the corners of our souls, corners we thought we knew…but now we had the opportunity, the hours and hours, to dive deeper, with some new urgent sense of bonding and closeness. With all the challenges coming to us from the outside, we must love and care for one another. Maybe this is my way to fight this COVID time. To love." -Elinor Carucci

18 March 2021