Balancing the Acts - Photographer Mona Kuhn on Her Clervaux Show

Mona Kuhn in Widewalls

The country of Luxembourg, although small, is home to one of the most beautiful towns with a great photographic history - Clervaux. This is where in 1994, the last existing version of the iconic 1955 exhibition The Family of Man took place, and where today many other events and shows honor the medium. One of them is Jardins, a project conceived to place photography in public spaces, particularly close to the town castle.


Between October 2019 and October 2020, the annual exhibition curated by Annick Meyer will put on view the works of Mona Kuhn, an established name in the world of portraiture. The Brazil-born, US-based artist is known for her intimate, sensitive shots, executed in large scale. In them, she experiments with nudity, texture, contrasts, light, forms both natural and man-made, in order to create tense, yet sensual visual narratives.


This could perhaps best describe Kuhn’s series titled She Disappeared into Complete Silence, which the visitors of Clervaux will be able to see. Eleven of these photographs, featuring the female nude merging, overlapping, coexisting with its surroundings in the Joshua Tree desert in California, play with light both in terms of subject matter and the technical aspects, as they will be mounted on glass partitions and will be illuminated at night, giving this body of work new space for interpretation and enjoyment.


5 November 2019