Elinor Carucci at the Museum of Contemporary Photography

"Reproductive: Health, Fertility, Agency" on view 19 January - 16 May 2021

Reproductive: Health, Fertility, Agency explores the psychological, physical, and emotional realities women encounter in the years leading up to, during, and after fertility. The exhibition features eight artists who consider a range of topics including birth, miscarriage, pleasure, the lack of access to abortion, trauma, and the loss of fertility. The term "reproductive" is twofold. It implies the characteristics of a photograph, bringing attention to a notable lack of visual representation of the experiences of the female body. Additionally, the term is a reference to a common patriarchal, capitalist view of women's bodies as vehicles for reproduction. This exhibition aims to add visual presence and a deeper understanding of the precarious nature of female rights and freedoms in a time where the future of these rights is uncertain. The exhibition includes 6 photographs from Carucci's latest series, "Midlife."

23 September 2020