"Paolo Ventura: Carousel" at CAMERA, Centro Italiano per la Fotografia

Exhibition on view from 17 September - 8 December 2020

From 17 September to 8 December, CAMERA hosts "Carousel," a journey within the eclectic career of Paolo Ventura (b. Milan, 1968), one of the most recognized and appreciated Italian artists in Italy and abroad. After working for years as a fashion photographer, at the beginning of the 2000s, he moved to New York to devote himself to his artistic research. Since his earliest works, he has combined incredible technical skills with a poetic vision of the world, building sets that bring fairytales and surreal stories to life before immortalizing them with the camera.


On this occasion, CAMERA presents some of the most evocative works of the last fifteen years - from various collections, as well as from the artist's studio - in an absolutely mixture of languages that includes drawings, models, sets, papier-mâché, masks, and theatrical costumes. It is not a linear path or retrospective, but rather a staging of all the recurring themes of his poetics.


The exhibition corresponds with the release of a major monograph of his work, "Paolo Ventura: Photographs and Drawings" (29 September 2020, Silvana Editoriale).

15 September 2020