Contemporary Artists Respond to the Covid-19 Crisis With Poignant New Works


Robb Report asked some of the most compelling contemporary artists working today for their take on these eerie, unprecedented times. Some poignantly expressed the existential fear and anxiety that have become a near-universal emotional state, while others found beauty in nature, joy in maintaining connection at a distance or humanity in the simple but profound act of creating.


“In times when nothing is taken for granted, the love and closeness we have for our family and loved ones means so much more. At a time when we can’t touch our friends, this kiss to my son feels so precious, so meaningful. It is a kiss to him but somehow also all the kisses I want to give to the world, the world I can’t touch now.” -Elinor Carucci, on her photograph Happy to have Eden back at home, Corona days (2020)

10 April 2020