Elinor Carucci: Midlife

10 September - 22 October 2020

Edwynn Houk Gallery presents Elinor Carucci's latest body of work, Midlife


In this new series spanning the past eight years, Carucci (Israeli-American, b. 1971) continues to explore themes of identity, relationships, and the passage of time by documenting herself and her family in their daily lives, a practice that has long been central to her work. Through these deeply personal photographs-which range from moments of intimacy and emotionally charged scenes, to the most mundane tasks of running a household-the artist's vulnerability and total honesty to her audience invite viewers to recognize their own experiences in hers.


Carucci's images have always been distinguished by an ability to illustrate the universality of human emotions by zeroing in on carefully composed scenes of domesticity. Yet, Midlife is particularly compelling because it chooses as its subject matter a period in life that is rarely acknowledged, much less celebrated. Youthful beauty and the advent of motherhood are familiar motifs in the history of art but the narrative of women's lives seems to stop there. More than simply shining a light on the midlife years, Carucci presents an intensive and tender investigation into the effects of time on her body, her self-identity in all its complexity, and her relationships with her family members as they each move through new phases of their lives.