Houk Gallery named one of The World’s 10 Best Photography Galleries

Photography is a staple of everyday life. We’re bombarded by images 24/7 and, since the dawn of the digital age, it’s easier than ever to take pictures. But photography in the hands of an artist or a photojournalist is another matter — it’s the kind of imagery that stops us dead in our tracks and causes us to reflect on life. In search of such pictures, we combed the globe to find the best photography galleries in the world — from Camera Work in Berlin and Amsterdam’s TORCH Gallery to San Francisco’s Fraenkel Gallery and Three Shadows Photography Art Centre in Beijing. And we not only chose the best galleries, we found a seminal photograph to represent each space. Click through our picks for the 10 best galleries in the world and let us know if we left out any of your favorite photography spots.

Starting out in Chicago in 1980, Edywnn Houk Gallery moved to New York in 1991 and expanded to Zurich in 2010. Mixing 20th century masters like Brassai, Bill Brandt, and Man Ray with contemporary practitioners, such as Sally Mann, Victor Schrager, and Lynn Davis, Edywnn Houk Gallery consistently presents adventurous yet poetic work. A survey show of Lalla Essaydi’s Les Femmes du Maroc (Women of Morocco) is currently on view at the Zurich space.

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