Elizabeth Heyert

The Sleepers

SeiSwann, New York, 64 pages, 12 1/4 x 9 3/4 inches, Hardbound. 35.00

Heyert's latest monograph explores a rarely seen, emotional underworld -- the private, primal, interior life of sleep. Her subjects, a diverse range of men and women, single and in couples, seen from above against a stark black background, appear to be floating in space. Traveling to deserted villages of northern Sicily, Heyert projected images of the sleepers onto the ancient walls of ruins and re-photographed them. The resulting photographs possess the grace and poignancy of Etruscan sculpture while capturing the sleepers' unconscious vitality. As an introduction to The Sleepers series, an in-depth interview with Elizabeth Heyert uncovers the subtleties of the photographer's working process and artistic vision.

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