Mona Kuhn is a Brazilian of German descent who landed in Los Angeles in 2005, where she became enamored of the regional light, particularly in nearby deserts. She spent three years shooting in the Mojave Desert, from Joshua Tree to the Navajo Indian reserve around Winslow, Arizona, to create a series titled Private. “During that time I was exploring the ambience, the mystic landscape, the vastness, the emptiness …” While in Joshua Tree, she happened upon a glass house — “a very special place in the middle of nowhere, rising from the sand” — to which she later returned after approaching the architect. The result was the series Acido Dorado, which exploited the subtle effects of glass and mirror on desert terrain and unclothed anatomy. Kuhn focuses on a solitary figure (her long-time model and collaborator Jacinta), all that is needed to embody the meditative power of the setting, and to reflect a universal shade of the human condition — solitude.

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