I did many other arts before I approached photography. I played the piano starting when I was five, and I studied theater and drama. It was painful for me—especially when I entered the High School of the Arts in Jerusalem, where I was born and raised—because I realized I am mediocre at playing the piano. Also when I studied theater I never had it in me like the other kids who were practicing five hours a day, so to discover photography was a big deal.

It started one afternoon I picked up my father’s camera— he did some black and white photography and had a manual Canon. I was wandering around the house and I went into my mom’s room. She woke up from an afternoon nap and I just started to take pictures of her as she was waking up, looking at me, not saying anything, not thinking about anything... It was a very special thing that happened, taking pictures of her. I took some pictures of me and my brother and finished the roll. I went to the lab, looked at the work and I really fell in love. I took an afternoon class and got really sucked into it. I could suddenly be like the kids I was envious of: I could do photography twenty four-seven.

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