Winning a Guggenheim Fellowship is a big deal.

Fellows, who are experts in fields ranging from biochemistry to photography, receive tens of thousands of dollars with no strings attached in order to continue making work.

Finnish photographer and 2015 Fellow Arno Rafael Minkkinen memorably described to TIME the moment he heard the news: “I raced up to the bedroom to kiss my wife Sandy. Then ran downstairs to text my son Dan. Then I called my assistant Rachel. Then lifted the velvety ear of our German Short-haired Pointer, Bravo (after Manuel Alvarez), and, as if rehearsing the lines of a Billy Collins poem, whispered the good news into his ear.”

This year, the Guggenheim Foundation recognized 12 photographers working in a wide range of styles, but TIME noticed a strong concentration of work in landscape photography genre. Here, we highlight some of the best.

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